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Mentions in online and print media, and interviews on radio and television. A small selection of many interviews with media over a 25-year career. I am a member at Help a Reporter Out (HARO) as both a journalist and a source. I can provide insight and expert analysis for a number of different subject areas.

The $4,000 COVID bike: Some families are shelling out exorbitant amounts of money to secure new wheels during the pandemic bicycle shortage

• One woman spent $4,000 to get her husband a used 2018 bike and traveled four hours to find her toddler a bicycle amid the pandemic shortage. • Khanh Ngo, who owns Khanh Sports, in East Hampton, New York, said people are offering him cash on the side to find bikes for them. • A private-equity executive opened a bike-repair shop out of his home garage after learning that local shops had weeks-long waiting lists for repairs. Last month Krista Olsen, a mother of two in California, tried to go on...

Experts Give Picks for the Best Cycling Shorts to Buy in 2020

What are the Best Cycling Shorts to Buy As biking has become more popular over recent months, we spoke with experts about what the best cycling shorts to buy are in 2020. Rather than focusing on the best men’s cycling shorts or the best women’s cycling shorts, we decided to look at both for this article. Many companies have offerings for either gender so we recommend looking at all the companies below. Our recommenders are either bloggers or owners of the products which makes them well-equipped

How Newer Composite Technology and Handbuilt Craftsmanship is Changing the Bicycle Industry

This week, we welcome Matthew Butterman on the show to discuss the growing role of newer composites in the Bicycle industry. Matthew is the news editor of Handbuilt Bicycle News and a 25-year veteran of the bicycle industry. He is also the current News Director for the Philly Bike Expo. On this episode, we’ll be discussing how new carbon fiber technologies are benefiting the bicycle industry with better performing frames. The use of carbon fiber composites in this $48 billion worldwide...

6 best bike helmets under $100, according to doctors and industry experts

With bicycles and electric scooters taking over many city streets, neurologists and emergency room physicians are seeing a rise in bike and scooter-related injuries. The most recent data sourced from the United States Department of Transportation revealed that 45,000 bicyclists were injured in traffic and 818 bicyclists died on U.S. roads in 2015. Helmets can help protect you: “A quick way to determine a helmet’s level of protection is to look at its safety certifications. Most helmets indicate

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Gary Hall Jr., 10-time Olympic swimmer from 1996-2004 was at the peak of his career when he found out he had Type 1 diabetes. At the time of his diagnosis he was told by doctors that his swimming career was over. Like any Olympic-level athlete, Hall trained up to eight hours a day and ignored the symptoms he was having. Hall explained his symptoms to Men’s Journal. He said he had blurry vision, extreme thirst, ate PowerBars to boost his blood sugar and burned an excessive amount of calories t